Production Scheduling with Excel

                                This is an information site to help you build planning and scheduling systems with spreadsheets. Here you will find tutorials, templates and downloads that can be used to create advanced planning and scheduling system using Microsoft Excel.

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                                Build Your Own Material Planning Tool in Excel

                                by Kien Leong on March 8, 2020

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                                Here is the full recording from our recent webinar “How to Build your Own Material Planning Tool in Excel. It walks you through, step by step, the process of building our Ten Minute Material Planning Tool. But this is a full 60 minutes (plus Q&A) to describe the


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                                Build an Excel Planning Tool for Material Planning

                                Build your own Excel Planning Tool. Find out how we built a Material Planning Tool in ten minutes!


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                                Production Planning and Scheduling for Manufacturing built in Excel

                                Learn how to create your own Excel planning and scheduling tools for a manufacturing business. Some people want a spreadsheet tool so that it will solve their planning problems at the push of a button.

                                Others want to take it apart. Figure out how it works. Adapt it and build their own. If you’re like them, then this webinar is for you.


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                                Integrated Planning Process Webinar

                                by Kien Leong on January 17, 2020

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                                A webinar training on the Integrated Planning process to link planning all the way from demand planning and forecasting to purchasing and production. Download the Integrated Planning System here


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                                DDMRP Stock Distribution

                                Demand-Driven MRP in an Excel Planning System. See a demo system and get a free, fully-functional copy of the DDMRP planning system in Excel.


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                                Module Cubes

                                How Excel-based modules can combine for a flexible planning system.


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                                Webinar Spheres

                                We are launching webinars to help you with planning and scheduling in Excel.

                                Here is how you can watch us build, set up and use these free downloadable tools.

                                Pre-register for our first webinar coming up soon!


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                                How Capacity Planning Gets You Halfway to Production Scheduling

                                April 30, 2012

                                Our new Capacity Planning Tool gets you halfway to production scheduling.

                                This article will help you understand how it calculates dates and working days in the calendar. It will go a long way towards that scheduling goal.

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                                Download Our Capacity Planning Tool – Version 2.0

                                April 17, 2012
                                Capacity Planning Tool

                                We have a new capacity planning tool for you.

                                Download it for free to get better visibility on production load and capacity.

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                                Setting Customer Service Levels… Without Managing Stock Levels

                                January 17, 2012
                                Inventory Allocation

                                Setting service levels usually starts with inventory.

                                Here’s a way to improve supply for important customers, that doesn’t involve inventory sizing.

                                And it doesn’t involve production either…

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                                Sort Out Your Customer Orders

                                October 20, 2011
                                Demand Allocation

                                In times of shortage, how do you allocate inventory to customer orders?

                                It is tempting to fall back on hard allocation. This could be a mistake.

                                Here’s why. With a download simulation to prove it.

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                                Five Things You Need To Know About Forecasting

                                October 9, 2011
                                Demand Planning Sales Forecasting

                                Here are five things you need to know about forecasting.

                                This is a statistics-free zone. Five forecasting principles for demand planning.

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                                Get an Instant Rating for your Excel Planning

                                October 4, 2011
                                Excel Planning Rating

                                How does your Excel planning measure up?

                                Are you getting the best results or are you suffering from Excel hell?

                                Here is a simple measurement and a download tool that can give you an instant rating on your planning tools built with spreadsheets.

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                                Here’s An Excel Method That Every Planner Should Know

                                September 26, 2011
                                Exploding Tables in Excel Planning

                                This is a core method to apply the Fast Excel Development Method in building a planning and scheduling system in Excel.

                                Convert forecasts, explode demand and generate work orders — this method is something that every planner should know.

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                                A Two-Letter Word Will Change The Way You Look At Scheduling

                                September 19, 2011
                                View on scheduling

                                Is the purpose of production scheduling to feed MRP and execution?
                                If you’re satisfied with this answer, then you’re missing something. A small, two-letter word will change the way you look at scheduling.

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                                How to Share Excel Data in the Cloud

                                August 1, 2011
                                Thumbnail image for How to Share Excel Data in the Cloud

                                We build planning and scheduling systems in Excel.

                                Some systems like this material planning example have more than one user, in different locations.

                                Here is a way to share Excel data across multiple users by using a simple cloud service.

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                                How To Plan for Long Lead-Time Materials

                                July 27, 2011
                                Shipping supply chain material planning shipping

                                The biggest headache in material planning is long lead-time materials.

                                Here is a simple tool that gives visibility between a buyer and a factory separated by a lot of water.

                                Also see an easy trick to connect multiple Excel users on different continents with free data integration over the cloud.

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                                Scheduling Job Shops and Engineer-to-Order – Three Alternatives that can Work

                                July 5, 2011
                                Job shop scheduling engineer-to-order

                                Job shop production is a challenge for scheduling.

                                Three ideas to job shop scheduling and other customized products when you have no standard process data.

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                                The Most Useful Excel Function You Will Ever Learn

                                June 29, 2011
                                Index Excel Formula

                                I would like to introduce the most useful function that Excel has to offer.

                                This is the most widely used Excel function in the Fast Excel Method. When building planning systems, I find myself typing this in formulas more than any other function.

                                The function can transform Excel spreadsheets into a fully-blown business software platform. We use it to retrieve data, perform calculations and present them in a report.

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                                The Reality of Your Manufacturing World

                                May 17, 2011
                                Manufacturing Reality and Master Data

                                Represent your manufacturing business using master data. Link the planning and scheduling system to the real world.

                                Excel-based planning systems give you more flexibility. Flexibility within the realms of the possible. Here are the essentials of master data and how they map onto your business.

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